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The History of development

The company started actual performance in 1995 of three teachers of Polytechnic Institute. The first objects which were served by «Alternative-Climate» became "Telegraph-Phone Systems" Company and Investment Fund "Blagovest" in Vladimir.

In 1996, Victor Pronkov registered scientific-production energy saving enterprise "Alternative-Climate". The enterprise has evolved quite rapidly in technical equipment – the high-quality instruments HILTI were bought. Education and training of experts took place on the basis of climate leading companies of Russia ( "Evroklimat", "Klimatland", "Phantom", "Termoinzheniring", "Vertex").

First professional air conditioning -established by the specialists "Alternative- Climate" in 1997 in the centre of Space Communications "Vladimir" (Gus-Khrustalny district) and in the main office "Ivtelekom".

Later among largest enterprises with ventilation and air-conditioning systems were equipped:

  • Central administrative of Central Bank of Ivanovo and Vladimir regions;
  • Sberbank;
  • Inkombank;
  • Menatep (Vladimir);
  • Vladimir State University;
  • State Historical and Art Museum Vladimir-Suzdal.

Among industrial enterprises were. In Vladimir:

  • Telecommunication company "Electrosvjas";
  • Auto instruments plant "Avtopribor" Ltd.;
  • "Vladimir Chemical Plant";
  • Ice-cream production "Belji medved" Ltd.;
  • Tourism Company "Vladinvestur";
  • Insurance company "Energogarant";
  • Sports Club "Atlantis";
  • "Textile Mill" (d. Gus-Khrustalny);
  • OAO "Krasnoe Echo" (Gus-Khrustalny city);
  • Hotel and tourist complex "Vladimir".

In Ivanovo:

  • "RIAT supermarket chain";
  • Parachute plant "Poljot";
  • Cheese-oil plant - "Ankovskoe".

In 1999,in the Ivanovo city a branch "Alternative-Climate" was registered. Given favourable conditions Ivanovo branch evolved more rapidly. In particular turnover of the year grew at 2.5 times, and by the end of 2002 reached 2,5-3 million rubles for the quarter.

In spring 2003, it was decided to restructure the enterprise, and the creation of two independent legal firms, under the overall brand "Alternative-Climate", with the overall leadership in the person of the general director was found.

General information

Throughout its history, the "Alternative-Climate" company is actively pursuing the introduction of new foreign technologies in the field of SCR (ventilation air conditioning) and air heating. In particular, for the first time in Vladimir were introduced ventilation systems with heat pumps, infrared, gas or electric heating systems, ultrasonic humidifiers and air electrostatic air cleaners.

Practically all of the projects contain a non-conventional energy-saving decision that allows to reduce energy consumption by 30-40% and in some cases by 50-60% in each case. An example is the release of heat from the disposal of refrigeration facilities in the supermarket chains "RIAT" in the city of Ivanovo. In these supermarkets conditioning compressor units are located in special rooms and the warmth of these blocks by air heat pumps served in the commercial and office space in supermarkets. This scheme allows completely disconnect from the urban heat supply to heat the shop. Main costs for the pumping heat installation produced in 1997 paid off in 1999. Currently, the installation continues to work effectively.

A number of energy-saving measures of using a secondary heat was proposed to production facilities of "Ivanovo Brewing Company" (Sun InBev).

The collective "Alternative-Climate" is constantly paying attention to the training and education of specialists in the field of energy-saving. Each year students of HGV departure(Heat Gas-supply and Ventilation) of Vladimir State University practice in the company. The best of these students are invited to work.

Since 2002, a project Division took up business projects, not only for their own benefit but also for external use. Projects carried out in accordance with all Russian rules and "ASHRAE" of German engineer society for the heating and ventilation projects based on the software "AUTOCAD" and "Kompas".

Since 2002, "Alternative-Climate" started a partnerships with the National Centre for HIV, STD and TB Prevention CDS (National Centre for HIV, STAND. Tuberculosis and Prevention) as the expert in the field of ventilation and air conditioning. In particular, after inspection TB clinics of Ivanovo city were identified the causes of the repeated disease of hospital staff because of the failure of ventilation systems.

"Alternative-Climate" group of companies is the oldest and most famous enterprise in Vladimir and Ivanovo, which specializes in ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, as the full spectrum of services "turnkey".

Nowadays cooperation continues, specialists implement projects for reconstruction of tuberculosis profile ventilation systems. Air-conditioning systems were installed for a Dutch firm "MEDIS", supplying magnetic resonance tomography in Russia, by "Alternative-Climate" Group of companies. The Contract on the service of this technology in Vladimir Region Hospital continues to operate.

Since March 2003, the "Alternative-Climate" group of companies acquired the manufacturing equipment and began to self-producing ventilation systems.


Among manufacturers, whose equipment "Alternative -Climate" uses can be listed: Daikin, Mitsubishi, Heavy (Japan), Panasonic, Toshiba, Electric, Hitachi (Japan), Airwell (France), KORF, Gree (China). Starting with air-conditioning separate facilities today the company has experience in business management microclimate major offices and buildings. A wide selection of applied technology allows select the optimal equipment for each customer. The company has the potential solutions to the most complex problems - large ventilation buildings, installations and cost-effective heating and refrigeration systems, installation of industrial and commercial directions, and more.

"Alternative -Climate"-provides reliable equipment, service, provides spare parts and supplies. The search for new solutions to the enterprise has led to the latest methods of treating the air, including energy-saving technologies - recovery and radiant heat (infrared), which are widely used throughout the world. There is a number of effective development and considerable experience of work to improve safety of food and other products. Delivery, installation and maintenance of quality climate and energy saving equipment is done around the clock.


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